I'm 43 years old. I have been going through excruciating pain for many years throughout my neck, back, shoulders, arms, wrists, ands, hips, legs, and even my face. I've gone to several different doctors and chiropractors who were never able to diagnose my problem but gave me pain medication in order to 'maintain.' Others offered massage therapy...yet I was still waking up barely able to walk in the morning and had many sleepless nights and constantly trying drug after drug including Vioxx daily, which I've been on for about two years. One evening I saw a program on T.V. It was Dr. Landin and a patient of his taking about the Gonstead program. Although skeptical, I thought I'd give it a try. I made a deal with Dr. Landin that I would do whatever he instructed me to do for one month, and if I didn't feel any differently, I was history. Well, it's 2 1/2 months since my first visit and now I'm completely 'sold' on the Gonstead program...I wake up in the morning able to actually lift myself out of bed and not 'crawl' out. I've even been able to cut my dosage on Vioxx in half. But most importantly, I spend days with my seven year old son doing things I dreaded before. Thank you, Dr. Landin. You've helped me to see light at the end of the tunnel.


What a difference a few months can make. I'd been to a variety of doctors to help alleviate my lower back and neck pain - When I started coming here, within a week, I knew we were on the right track. I felt so much better, I had my children evaluated as well. Dr. Landin has helped us all tremendously. Thank you for helping me to reach my triathlon goals as well as feeling better all the time!


I would like to thank Dr. Landin for his excellent practice. I've had lower back pain and sinus condition for years, all that have significantly reduced, and I feel better now. I feel I have more energy, and I am in great shape


When I came to see Dr. Landin, I was taking too much medication, in a lot of pain and using my wheelchair on a regular basis. That made things difficult because I have a one and two year old who wants mommy to come and play. Then Dr. Landin talked to me and really gave me hope. I do not use my wheelchair and only 1/2 my medications. Thank you for giving me hope and my life back


Wow! What a difference I am experiencing since beginning chiropractic care. I have been having bladder incontinence for 4 years, and have had physical therapy for multiple sclerosis. Using traditional approaches to sciatic pain never lasted and any effort to do normal activities would cause more pain. I have tried all of the incontinence medications with no benefit or improvements. I had resorted to using undergarment protection and still began wetting the bed. After only 2 weeks, my episodes of leaking were reduced! At 4 weeks, not only had the bed wetting stopped, but I have also had less than 5 episodes of incontinence in a week! This is 90% better! Dr. Landin is now seeing my children.


For many years, I have suffered with acute and chronic headaches. I also suffered from sleep deficits associated with these headaches. Dr. Landin assured me that with proper treatment and time, the services he provides would ultimately provide me with relief from these problems. He also assured me that my dependency on Tylenol would diminish as well. I have been a patient for 2 months and I am delighted to say that all Dr. Landin conveyed to me in the beginning has proven to be true. I have seen a significant improvement in my health and the quality of my life. Thank you Dr. Landin.


I have RSD (Reflex Sympathy Dystrophy) in my right arm, this is pain that is constant. I had my first surgery on my arm in 1989, and again in 1991...I have been through pain pills, laser treatment, shots in my neck, and two pain clinics. You name it...I've tried it. Everything I have tried has always been a temporary fix. I have been seeing Dr. Landin and his staff for treatment a little over a month now. After fifteen years of putting up with pain that was so bad it takes over your life and begins to wear you down, you will try anything. Many other doctors told me that my arm would never get any better and that it would be something I would have to live with the rest of my life. After a little over a month, Dr. Landin has given me such high hopes. I believe in Gonstead chiropractors and their staff. I am so glad that I found Dr. Landin, he has put the smile back in my life.


I am a member of the Geneva track team. For many years, I have had problems with shin splints and lower back pain. The problems with my shin splints have greatly improved and my personal record in discus and shot put have improved as well. I feel better about my personal health and appreciate the personal attention that Dr. Landin has given me.


I have been seeing Dr. Landin for the past eight weeks and in that time, I have gone from experiencing chronic pain and discomfort in several areas of my body to being pain free, totally mobile and with a renewed sense of energy. I feel the work that Dr. Landin does in truly unique and the focus on long term well-being versus short term pain management is well worth the investment.


I have had two back surgeries and lived with lower back pain for years. I have always been a skeptic of chiropractors in the past. Since I have been going to Dr. Landin, the quality of my life has dramatically changed. I love to ski, and I was able to go skiing this year without being and pain. I can now get up and go to work without feeling like my back is going to go out on me at any moment. My wife also says that I'm less crabby which is a big plus. Thank you for improving the quality of my life.


Dr. Landin came to my work to discuss posture, and how nerves exiting our spine control everything in our bodies. I've had pain in my upper back all my adult life, and my lower back for about 10 years. I was stunned with the physical proof that my pain wasn't muscular, nor was it in my head. It was rooted in some 'tweaking' in my spine, and Dr. Landin said he could help relieve the pain that I'd lived with all my adult life. I just wanted to say thank you Dr. Landin for having passion in what he does and his spectacular "blessings".


Our daughter, Christy has been seeing doctors for ADHD since she was 7 years old. She is now 10. We have tried behavior modification remediations and medication to help her both at school and at home with little change. Christy still had frustrations with writing homework, keeping on task, organizing her materials and communicating appropriately. Christy had also experienced numerous viral infections with fevers of 104 degrees for days at a time. We brought Christy to Dr. Landin in May of 2006. He did a thorough evaluation and began treating Christy in June. We discontinued Christy's medication. By September, we noticed Christy was less frustrated than she had been even while on medication the previous school year! Christy is now staying on task. She is completing assignments in less time and with less frustration. Her organization is better, and she forgets things less often. Christy interrupts the conversation of others less. A chiropractic re-evaluation in November showed that Christy's nerve activity started to normalize! Christy feels so much better and is happy! She is off of medication for ADHD forever! Dr. Landin's treatment and care is truly the right choice for our family!


Since 1996, I've been experiencing extreme head pain. Gonstead chiropractic and Dr. Landin have subdued my awful pain that I had just learned to live with. Thank you Dr. Landin for relieving years of head pain.