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dr landin speaking

Dr. Landin speaks to organizations of all kinds across the Fox Valley region. Some have hired him as a health consultant to conduct monthly, health-safety meetings for company employees. Dr. Landin has spoken to groups as large as 2,000 people and as small as 6 people. From the Kiwanis to the local churches, from the local mother's club to the community senior citizen group, Dr. Landin speaks and educates. His lectures are quite passionate and entertaining.

If your organization would like to consider Dr. Landin for your next guest speaker, then call the office 224-856-5617, to discuss fees and scheduling. Ask about the Employee Appreciation Day package that entitles you to Free Chair Massages for all your employees.

Presentation Topics:
How Posture Affects the Way You Age
Stress: Is It Killing You?
Miracles of the Human Body
Why Diets Don't Work, and What Does
Nutrition and Disease
Combating Heartburn
Allusive Allergies
Alternatives to Antibiotics for Ear Infections
A Natural Approach to ADD/ADHD
The Carpal Tunnel Solution
Falling Into Sleep Debt
Releasing the Headache Vise
Nutritional and Lifestyle Considerations
Springboard Your Sports Performance
How Water Affects the Way You Age
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