Chiropractic Care using the Gonstead Method

Our analysis and adjusting technique is comprehensive and specific. We examine the full-spine, not just where the pain is. Often times the pain and the source of the pain are not the same. Our approach to helping people in their health care pursuit is to try and find the cause of a problem and correct that, if it's correctable, without the use of medication or surgery. Many people come to our office to simply get a check-up to find out about wellness care before they even have symptoms of a problem. Our goal is to help our patients strive for optimal health.

Here is our guarantee: We will explain all of our findings from the examination, we will determine what type of care is needed, how long the care will take, how much the care will cost, how much the insurance company said they will pay and answer any questions or concerns from the patient before any treatment begins. Of course, even after the doctor recommends a course of care, the patient is always free to choose temporary relief care, corrective care or wellness care.

Exercise Therapy

We will always determine when and how a patient can progress from passive care to active care through the appropriation of exercise therapy. We want to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the body so as to achieve core stabilization, symmetry, strength and efficiency of movement. This will assist people in reaching their corrective care goals or athletic performance goals. We help people strive for optimal health and for some that might mean simply walking again and for others that might mean achieving the next level in their athletic performance. A plan of exercise therapy is custom designed for each patient.

Massage Therapy

We offer hands-on trigger point therapy by trained therapists to assist in regaining normal or near normal muscle tone and muscle contractibility as well as improved muscle range of motion. We also offer half hour and hour long full-body therapeutic massages by our licensed and expertly trained therapists to help you relax and invigorate fatigued and worn out muscles. After a massage at our office you will wonder how you got along in life without them.

Nutritional and Weight Loss Therapy

We have many nutritional product lines to choose from including whole-foods nutrition. We offer nutritional analysis testing to help us determine your nutritional and weight loss needs. Whether you need just the basics in daily vitamins and minerals or a comprehensive nutritional analysis we can do that for you.

We also offer cleansing programs to support your liver, your colon, your kidneys, your lymphatic system, your digestive system, and your adrenal system for your body's optimal function.

We have effective and permanent fat-burning programs that provide wonderful and amazing results that will change your state of health. We have many patients who can testify of their proven results on our programs.