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Landin Chiropractic Care

Practice Mission:

Landin Chiropractic Care agrees with the understanding that the nervous system governs all the other organs and organ systems in the body.  Landin Chiropractic Care is therefore committed to providing consistent, quality spinal adjustments utilizing a specific, scientific and measurable means of analysis and treatment so as to reduce interference on the nervous system and thereby enhance healing, not only at the place of nerve interference, but throughout the entire body.

Furthermore, Landin Chiropractic Care is a healthcare facility that advocates a quality lifestyle, made possible by choices of lifelong supportive chiropractic care, good nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest and maintained emotional and spiritual health.

In addition to providing high quality chiropractic care, exercise therapy, postural rehabilitation, nutritional supplementation and massage therapy, Landin Chiropractic Care is committed to educating the community so they can become active participants in their own well-being to gain the maximum odds of attaining a long, health, disease-free life.

Landin Chiropractic Care has adopted the philosophy that it is much easier to stay healthy than to get healthy and consequently is committed to maintaining integral health to the patient's nervous system so that patients may attain their optimal health goals.

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